Frequently asked questions

How does the photo booth work?

It’s as simple as can be.  Just get in, push a button and smile!  Inside our booth, a 20-inch monitor displays simple instructions.  After you choose either the color or black-and-white button, the monitor counts down while you strike a pose.  The booth will take 3 or 4 shots, 5 seconds apart and each photo will be displayed on the monitor.  Our state-of-the-art, dye-sublimation printer will generate your prints in less than 15 seconds.


How many photos can we take?

You and your guests can take unlimited, fun photos during your event.  Our photo booth takes 3 or 4  photos per session and we can do 40 to 50 sessions per hour.  Our booth is one of the largest in the industry and can fit up to eight people, so a session may take a bit longer with a big group.


Will someone from Mendocino Photo Booth be there during the event?

Yes.  A professional attendant will be there throughout your event to ensure a wonderful experience for you and your guests.  If you order a memory book, our attendant will assist your guests in creating it on-site.


What kind of prints are included?

Each photo session in the booth prints two – 2 X 6 photo strips with the three or four pictures from the session.  This is the best option for creating a memory book.  Your guests keep one strip and the other goes into your memory book.  Another option you may choose is to have the photos on a single 4 X 6 print.  If you want a copy of each of these prints, you have the option to order double prints (see price list).  Your photo strips or 4 X 6 prints include personalized text, in a choice of colors.


Do the images appear online after the event?

We offer an option to have us upload all the images from your event to a password-protected gallery on our website.  The pictures will appear on our site within a week of your event and will remain for 3 months.  You and your guests are welcome to download unlimited photos for free.


Can we pause the photo booth service during our event?

Yes.  If you’d like to enjoy the photo booth for a while, stop it, during dinner, for example, then start up again later – there is a $75 fee per idle hour for time the booth is not being used.  If you want the booth to be set up more than one hour before it’s used, idle hours will be charged.


How many hours should I rent the booth for?

In general, people go in the booth in groups or, at the very least, in couples.  If all of your guests came as couples and lined up, the booth could accommodate about 40 to 50 couples per hour.  Many people will use the booth more than once, and in different groups throughout the night.  Therefore, we recommend an hour & a half to two hours for every 100 guests to give everyone a chance to take as many pictures as they like.  The rental time will depend on your guests, so you’ll have to use a bit of your own judgement to determine how long you want the booth.